60TP World of Tanks 3D Модель Прототип


4 reviews for 60TP World of Tanks 3D Модель Прототип

  1. Paul Babich

    When available let me know!

  2. Mr.Kelechi Uzor

    It looks good want know if there any other products available apart from the tank.

    • admin

      which models are you looking at? you can drop us a message

  3. Luciano Fioreze

    Olá , eu gostaria de saber o preço deste modelo.

    • admin

      Olá Luciano, em breve iremos atualizá-lo!

  4. saplebY

    i like this model as well. what’s the availability date?

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    Электронная 3D модель танка 60TP из компьютерной игры World of Tanks. Модель этого танка будет доступна в скором времени. Следите за нашими моделями!