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BAT CHATILLON Bourrasque World of Tanks 1:35 Набор для Моделирования

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Масштаб 1/35, неокрашенный набор для моделирования.

10 reviews for BAT CHATILLON Bourrasque World of Tanks 1:35 Набор для Моделирования

  1. giorgio

    Rich in details, very good. just assembled and painted

  2. handsomeboy

    The details are quite good, the printing accuracy is high. will start painting when my paint arrives.

  3. wilsonlee

    The printing effect of the new mold is great. if you have a newly launched model, i will come again

  4. kittycat

    Took advantage of the weekend to build a little. this bourrasque tank is pretty good

  5. slapjack

    pretty good

  6. curtise

    The prints work well and can be assembled easily without much sanding. With good details and high precision, it is recommended to buy. By the way, the packaging is better now, and there is almost no need to worry about the damage of the parts

  7. wotgamer

    The very fine mold opening refreshed my impression of the printed parts. The details can surpass the plastic injection parts, saving a lot of time for assembly, and the casting coating is added by myself. This is worth buying.

  8. tintin

    After receiving it, there is nothing much to do, it is already very good. good quality and low price

  9. tintin

    The packaging has also been upgraded this time, and it is very meticulous. Very good Bourrasque. New material is being used. It’s a lot more masculine than the last round. It’s well received. It has a little bit of pattern, but that’s not a big issue. Just spray twice to cover them. Put a picture and compare it with the round. . This time they gave a carbon fiber rod to strengthen the barrel, and a trunnion magnet or something, very detailed!

  10. cartman

    i have completed!

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    Бат-Чатильон Бурраск

    Средний французский танк VIII уровня в игре World of Tanks от фирмы Batignolles-Châtillon. Машина должна была получить двухместную башню, модифицированную под установку 105-мм пушки. Танк никогда не изготавливался из металла.