About us

We deliver high-quality scaled Models.

Models that we are proud to be able to share with the world.

As a group of collectors, we understand that quality of detail in a model is very important. Without that, what is the point of collecting? You want to be able to proudly display your collection for everyone to see. And we are committed to meeting that standard.

We believe investing in our models is an investment in value and education.

Our History

Starting as an idea planted in the mind of our founder by a friend, ResinScales was born in the spring of 2017.

What began as the idea of one, soon became a team of 4. All collectors of scale models, we had the collective desire to create something that we would always be proud of. That is why we carefully oversee the entire process from design to production. Our quality control sets us apart from our competitors.

As history buffs as well as collectors, we decided that model tanks were the most natural place to start. And hopefully, in a few years we will be able to provide a whole selection of scale models.

We are excited that now everyone can enjoy the same care in design as if they created it themselves.

Product Purpose

ResinScales was created as a place for collectors to have a place to buy affordable, quality models. With careful designing, Resinscales’s scale models have ever rivet, every detail in its proper place. These collector items are something every collector needs to own. Making their own collection complete.