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Welcome to our world’s first WT resin kits store

With more than 20 tanks models, our vision in this business is to make collectors and adults happier, an alternative to digital screens since its establishment. RESINSCALES makes resin kits that appear in games like WT and War Thunder. Our model tanks are easier and faster to build than plastic kits. And we are manufacturing high quality unpainted and painted resin WT models in 1:35 scale that can’t be found anywhere in the world.

We are ready to instill in our customers the care and passion we show for our work, with a wide range of products designed and produced by our helpful and expert team. We are aware of the undeniable effects of modeling on people and continue to support the hobby industry. We expertly scale RESINSCALES tanks from design to production, down to the last rivet on the bodies of the tanks. We are working to further improve our site and design more models for you, tank enthusiasts, by making it easy to find the WT resin models you need in one convenient place. Our site, where you will encounter a wide variety of unique models, is quite simple and extremely reliable. Enjoy quality, attractive prices and craftsmanship expertise every time you shop at RESINSCALES.

Our technology for the production of models

High precision of parts

Our production technique and the fact that the detail level of our kits is high and provides an enjoyable building experience to gamers or collectors. We are determined to be the favorite item of collectors with the durability and price performance of our WT resin models. We have no doubt that the assembly of the parts will satisfy you, our customers.

Painting of models

You can paint our WT scale models, which we produce by not missing a single detail, as you wish. The model surface is designed to be easily applied for paints. The tank kits we made from resin are supported by some moving parts that vary from model to model. With movable turret head or movable gun barrel, our 1:35 scale model tanks will add a beautiful visual appeal to beginners or collectors.

We use the late generation technology for modern 3D modeling and rapid prototyping, produced by designers who are experienced in their fields. With our team of experts in history and technology, our WT model kits are the most accurate reproductions of original products you can find on the market. We continue to work and produce with more than 20 types of models.

How to find ResinScales in social networks

We have a multi-layered facebook page where you can learn more about the interfaces of the tanks, historical content and our achievements. In addition, do not forget to follow our facebook page to take advantage of special offers and informed about the latest products on our platform, which offers a wide range of products that will make collectors and hobbyists smile.

Order, payment and delivery of our tank models

RESINSCALES gives WT lovers the chance to view our quality stock catalog and order products online through a secure purchasing interface. You will have easy access to ready-made and unbuilt WT model kits with our payment methods. With PayPal, the safest way to send money and shop online, you can have high quality WT model kits with attractive prices. Grab the opportunity now to own rare models like the world’s first ready-made OBJ 257 that you’ll want to include in your tank collections, and more. With our international sales service, shipping is free for a short time our customers!

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