OBJ 705A WT 1:35 Resin Kit

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1/35 scale, unpainted resin kit.

Machine gun included

Accessories excluded

2 reviews for OBJ 705A WT 1:35 Resin Kit

  1. wilson ng

    Overall evaluation: the quality is very good, the packaging is very strong, the express delivery is also fast! The printing is very delicate, the printed texture is not visible and the accuracy is also very high. The quality of workmanship: Great!! Appearance: exactly the same as in the game, perfectly restored!

  2. samuel

    Did this in 3 days!

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    The Object 705A is a Soviet tier 10 heavy tank.

    A version of the Object 705 heavy tank with a 152 mm gun and an upgraded engine. All work on the project was discontinued in 1948.