Object 257 Model 1:35 Black Widow Desert

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Package includes:

1x Obj257 1/35 and painted
1x box with magnetic
side door
1x clear acrylic display case
1x leather base
1x metal nameplate
Movable turrethead and gun barrel

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About Obj 257 WoT Heavy Tanks

WoT Obj 257 is a Heavy Soviet tier IX tank. In order to develop the complete model of this tank which participates in the World of Tanks, the creators of this computer game took tank IS-7 (Iosif Stalin-7) developed in 1945 in the USSR as a basis. The Soviet tank IS-7 was designed only in the drawings.

The Obj 257 from the World of Tanks game has the following tactical and technical characteristics:

Tier 9
Gun 122 mm BL-9
Turret armor (front/sides/rear), mm 350 x 240 x 100
Engine V-2-54IS
Engine Power 700 hp
Load Limit 55 T
Radios 12RT
Signal Range 625 m

Resin model dimensions:

Scale 1:35
Width 102 mm (4″)
Lenth 188 mm (7.4″)
Lenth with gun 274 mm (10.8″)
Height 74 mm (2.9″)


In the World of Tanks, there are numerous gaming fanatics and contents are constantly being created for these tanks’ enthusiasts in the form of videos, as created by QuickyBaby, internet posts/articles, and Resinscales models. Various Resinscales models of the object 257 tank exist, and the mould is scaled to the specified dimension giving the desired Resinscales model.

A little of the history of the of the Oblect 257 / IS-7 heavy tank development by Soviet Union:

The tank was conceived as a combat vehicle with thick armor, excellent cannon and a powerful engine that allowed it to accelerate to 60 km/h. The design of the heavy tank was born of changes in the new German armored vehicles that were used on the front lines in 1943, especially Ferdinand – then called the “Tank Destroyer”.

But the level of technology of the time and the low speed of implementation of such projects did not allow to make even a prototype. Only with the development of computers the developers and 3d artists of World of Tanks make it possible to see and use the Object 257 tank in a computer battle.