Mammoth Mk. III GDI With Railguns 1:35 Scale Resin Kit

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1/35 scale, unpainted resin kit.

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The Mammoth Mk. III is a GDI heavy assault tank that entered service prior to the Third Tiberium War. At the time it replaced the Mammoth Mk. II walker as GDI’s premier land assault unit.

Following the Second Tiberium War, GDI concluded that the technology present did not make widespread use or deployment of walkers an optimal solution. The Mammoth Mk. II superheavy walker was slated to be supplanted by the less expensive and equally durable, but less powerful Mammoth Mk. III heavy tank.
Nevertheless, production of the Mammoth Mk. II was ceased in 2039, with the Mammoth Mk. III entering production in Reykjavik, Iceland.

1/35 scale, unpainted resin kit.